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The Stars

The Ad Astra Difference

Meet Your New Partner

Ad Astra Marketing Consultants was born in the heartland and inspired by the motto of Kansas, home to founder Austin Harris. "To the stars through difficulties" is the English translation of the latin Ad Astra Per Aspera. It is to the stars that our team works to take your business. Our focus on what can be, helping you connect to your personal business goals is the Ad Astra difference. 

Founded with Purpose

Ad Astra Marketing Consultants was established with a singular goal in mind: to provide high quality and success amplifying marketing solutions to small business at a price point that they can actually afford. 

We know what it is like to put everything on the line for your business and we know how important it is that every dollar is spent well. Our foundational promise is simple, we will work with you to make your business goals more achievable and to help you reach the stars.

A Different Kind of Consultant

We pride ourselves on mixing the analytical and data-driven mindsets of larger firms with the personalization and care of the boutique company that we are. We don't have multi-billion dollar companies as clients and we don't want to. Our team is driven by a shared passion to help small businesses achieve their dreams through affordable but incredibly successful marketing strategies and tools.


We know that we could charge more for our work. Plenty of companies have plenty of clients that pay them $200, $300, even $500 an hour. But those price points are not accessible to real small businesses. You need a partner that cares about you, wants you to succeed, and is willing to give up a little profit margin to help you do just that. But don't let the low prices fool you, our clients see results. 

Transparent to a Fault

No one likes going round to round with a consultant who is supposed to be helping you, not making life harder. Unlike some competitors, we won't hide fees, we don't dodge questions, and we'll always give you an honest answer. We will work hard to gain your trust and show you that we are not just a disinterested third-party. We care about your success and will treat you like a partner not a client. Our customers routinely invite our consultants to company retreats, organization-wide brainstorms, holiday parties, and more. We go to these events and build our relationships with them because we want everyone we work with to know who we are, what we do, and why we do it. 

Our Process

Our process focuses on making sure you get the results you need and expect. Whether we're working with you on a simple logo redesign or bringing you into the fold with our Universal Marketing Management program, we'll work through the same steps to identify your goals, build a winning strategy, and execute effectively. 

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Phase 1: Explore

Through a free initial consultation and several follow-up conversations, we'll identify the key needs, goals, and expectations associated with your project. Phase 1 focuses on the relationship between your company and ours. The better we understand what drives you, the more effectively we can share that with the world. 

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Phase 2: Design

Once we have a destination in mind, we will map out the journey and build a strategy to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Our team will make recommendations for tools, marketing channels, design, and more. Still, you are always in the driver seat and get to make the final decision on marketing strategies. We are here to help guide you along the way. 

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Phase 3: Launch

Your goals are established, the plan is clear, there is only one thing left to do. Launch your marketing mission and watch as progress is made! Our team will work to execute and refine your marketing strategies so that we are always making progress towards your overarching goals and staying nimble in the ever changing landscape of consumer trends. 

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